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2024 Annual Affiliation Renewal

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Our Annual Community Commitment is based on the belief that we all share responsibility for the fiscal health of our sacred Congregation Shir Shalom community. We appreciate and rely on the financial commitment of each congregant and ask you to make your Standard Base Community Commitment so we can continue to fulfill our mission, serve our congregants, maintain our synagogue home, and involve ourselves in community activities

We ask that congregants determine their level of support using the following considerations:
  • The Standard Base Community Commitment amount is a starting point for all congregants.
  • Certain Allowances (i.e., reductions) are available for congregants who meet specific criteria (1-Adult household, 1-Adult Senior household age 65+, 2-Adult Senior household both age 65+) and who determine that the standard base rate is too burdensome. 
  • Special Arrangements - Congregants who are unable to fulfill the Standard Base Community Commitment (adjusted for allowances, if applicable) may apply for a confidential special arrangement.
  • Incremental Community CommitmentCongregants with financial capacity to support our sacred community in amounts above the Standard Base Commitment are asked to consider making an incremental commitment. This enables us to equitably fund our annual activities.
We ask you to renew your affiliation and continue your support of our sacred community for 2024.
Base Community Commitment:  $3,860
Annual Security Fee:  $350     
Total:  $4,210
*Allowances from standard base rates:

2-Adult Senior household, both age 65+:  (- $1,612) = $2,248 due plus $350 Security Fee
1-Adult household (there is only 1 adult in household):  (- $1,855)$2,005 due plus $350 Security Fee
1-Adult Senior household (only 1 adult in household, age 65+): (- $2,664) = $1,196 due plus $350 Security Fee

Out-of-Area Affiliation: (reside a minimum of 100 miles from the synagogue)

Those requesting a Special Arrangement due to financial constraints should contact David Moss, Chair SA Committee (
For congregants with SA's that have been finalized, the adjustment for your SA will be reflected in your online account and you should not fill out this form.

Capital Fund ContributionCongregants in a 2-Adult or 1-Adult household affiliation (not senior) are also subject to a capital fund commitment, payable in 5 annual installments of $500 (2-Adult) or $250 (1-Adult) over the third (3) through seventh (7) years of affiliation. These can be included in monthly payments or as a lump sum payment.


Please Select Your Payment Type and Community Commitment Below.
As a reminder, all congregants are encouraged to use the standard $3,860 Community Commitment, plus $350 Security Fee, and an Incremental Community Commitment if possible. Category Allowances and Special Arrangements are available for those that qualify and for whom the Standard Base Rate, with or without allowance, is too burdensome.

A 2.5% discount will be applied to this year's Community Commitment if paying by Check or Cash. Note: This discount will be reflected in Total below if select pay by check in drop down selection..
Out-of-Area memberships are excluded from this discount.

Amount Due with 2.5% discount applied for Check/Cash payment:
2-Adult Household/Standard Base affiliation: $3,764 plus $350 Security Fee
2-Adult Household Senior (both age 65+): $2,192 plus $350 Security Fee
1-Adult Household: $1,955 plus $350 Security Fee
1-Adult Household Senior (age 65+): $1,166 plus $350 Security Fee
Security Fee of $350 not subject to discount.

--To choose the allowance for 2-Adult Senior household, both congregants must be age 65+.
--To choose the allowance for 1-Adult household there must be only one adult in the household; and, if applicable, their unmarried dependent children, under twenty-six (26) years of age. A second non-Jewish or non-participating adult within the household is a congregant for all purposes and therefore this allowance does not apply.
--Out-of-Area affiliation requires congregant reside a minimum of one hundred miles from the synagogue.

Please Select Your Payment Type (Credit card or Check/Cash) Here:
By selecting Paying by Check or Cash, the Total at the bottom of this form WILL reflect the 2.5% discount. 
Out-of-Area memberships are excluded from this discount.
Please select your Community Commitment:
Please Select Your Community Commitment:
Please Use Drop Down Box Below to Select Security Fee
For Out-of-Area Memberships, please Select No Annual Security above.
If no selection is made, form will not submit. 

Incremental Community Commitment
Congregants with financial capacity to support our sacred community in amounts above the Standard Base Community Commitment are asked to please consider making an Incremental Community Commitment. This enables us to equitably fund our annual activities.

Suggested categories are:

Kehillah Circle                               up to $499
Mount Sinai Circle                        $500-$1000
Masada Circle                               $1100-$2500
Western Wall Circle                      $2600-$4000
Tower of David Circle                   $4100-$7500

Please use box below to record the amount of your Incremental Community Commitment for 2023.
Thank you!

Payment Arrangements
Congregation Shir Shalom offers payment arrangements.
Please indicate your payment method further below.


Payment in full is expected by January 15, 2024, unless you are enrolled in our credit/debit card Autopay Program.
  • A 2.5% discount will be applied to this year's Community Commitment if paying by Check or Cash. Please make this selection above if applicable.  
  • If paying with securities, email for instructions.     
  • If selecting Autopay Program, please ensure you have set up a debit or credit card in your congregant portal under “My Account”, Payment Methods, or call the Office with your preferred Credit/Debit Card information. 
  • Please indicate your preference for Monthly, Quarterly, or Semi-Annual payments below.
  • By choosing the AutoPay program, you are authorizing the synagogue to charge this card beginning January 2024. If there is a change to the Credit or Debit card to be used, please call the Office.
*If paying with a Credit/Debit Card in full today, after clicking "Submit" below, choose "Pay Now." 


By choosing PAY NOW on payment page, your credit card on file will be charged.
The 2.5 discount will be added in Total below if you selected Paying by Check or Cash in drop down on top of form. 
  • If selecting the Autopay Program, please be sure you have set up a Debit or Credit Card in your congregant portal under “My Account,” "My Payment Methods". Your selection authorizes us to use this card to make payments for you beginning January 2024, or call the office with a preferred credit card.

Your Community Commitment, Security Fee and Incremental Community Commitment Amount will be added to your Account based on your selections.
Please review your above selections to confirm this Total Amount reflects your choices before hitting submit below.
If you chose paying by check/cash, the 2.5% adjustment will be reflected in this Total. Please choose "Bill to My Account" on payment page if paying by check or choosing recurring credit card option. 
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Thank you for supporting our sacred community at Congregation Shir Shalom.

Choosing "PAY NOW" on payment page will charge your credit card on file. 

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