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HHD 2022/5783

HIGH HOLY DAYS 2022/5783

We look forward to celebrating the High Holy Days with you, in person or online!

High Holy Day tickets will be mailed to all congregants who have registered and fulfilled their financial obligations to our sacred community approximately three weeks prior to Rosh Hashanah. Additionally, congregants will receive our High Holy Days Worship Access Link for our livestreamed services, so you may participate in the way you are most comfortable.

Section 1:  Worship Registration
Please let us know how you plan to celebrate and observe the High Holy Days with our sacred community.  We hope you will consider joining us in person and we want to make sure we  accommodate everyone. 

CLICK HERE to download a schedule of all our High Holy Day Worship opportunities.

In the days ahead, look for an automated e-mail with a unique access link, sent to each person registered, even if you indicated that you plan to attend in person.  You will need to use the same unique access link to attend all online High Holy Days Services.  Each link will only work on one device at a time.  It may take our office a couple days to create your unique access link.  Please let us know if you have not received the access links by September 3rd or if you need additional access links.


We will send a unique link to each person joining us and need to know how many will attend in person.

In addition to children under 25 years residing at home (including college students), we are eager to welcome additional adult family members to our worship, as well as additional guests (friends, neighbors, distant cousins, etc.).  Congregation Shir Shalom depends on the financial support of our sacred community and your investment in our sacred work.  We hope you will contribute an amount this year similar to or greater than what you would have spent purchasing tickets for family and friends in past years.

We suggest a contribution in support of Congregation Shir Shalom of $125 for each additional adult family member (other than children living at home, included above).

We suggest a contribution of $360 for each unrelated guest.

We are also committed to welcoming everyone who wishes to join us.  Financial assistance is available.  Please contact our Executive Director, Mark Block ( or chair of our Special Arrangements Committee, David Moss ( to discuss further.

Additional Adult Family
We suggest a contribution in support of Congregation Shir Shalom of $125 per additional adult family member.
We will send a unique link to each additional family member joining us and need to know how many will attend in person.

Additional Guests:
We suggest a contribution in support of Congregation Shir Shalom of $360 per additional guest.
Names of Additional Guests:

Registration/Ticket Payment
   Additional Family Members
   Additional GuestsWe suggest a contribution of $125 for each additional adult family member (other than children under 25, living at home) and $360 for each unrelated guest.  Contributions of these suggested amounts will be included in the total at the end of this registration form.  Please select the third option below if you would like to make a contribution other than the suggested amount.

Section 2:  Donation Opportunities
Revenue from ticket sales supports our sacred work and community throughout the year.  Our clergy, staff, and many volunteers spend countless hours preparing for the High Holy Days.

We also incur additional expenses for services that our staff and volunteers are unable to provide.  Our needs (and expenses) have changed this year as we prepare for an uplifting, meaningful, and robust online worship experience. 
Some specific High Holy Days expenses in need of your generous support:
Police/On-Site Security                                                     $5,000
High Holy Day Musicians                                                 $5,000
Videography/Live Stream Production                            $5,000
E-License Prayer Book                                                       $2,500
Coverings for Outdoor Worship                                       $1,800
Memorial Book Production and Printing                       $540
Sustaining Donation (Apply to area of need)                 $360
General Donation (Apply to area of need)                      $180

Please consider a general donation to underwrite our High Holy Days expenses (enter amount in box):
Your generous investment in our sacred work is needed and appreciated.

In addition to general donations for our expenses, we offer several additional opportunities for specific High Holy Day donations:
A.  Prayer Book Dedication: 
Mishkan HaNefesh 
            (2-volumes; $54 per set)
Your generosity will be acknowledged with a book plate in a set of our High Holy Days prayer books.
Please include name(s) or event(s).

B.  Yizkor (Memorial) Book
Our Yizkor (Memorial) Book is printed each Yom Kippur and used throughout the year when Yizkor prayers are recited (Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Pesach, and Shavuot).  This year we will share names online during our Yizkor worship on Yom Kippur afternoon and print a limited number of books.  Please contact our office to request a printed copy of our Yizkor (Memorial) Book.

Including names of loved ones honors their memory and supports our sacred community as a living reminder of values they cherished.  We suggest a donation of at least $18 per name to honor the memory of your loved ones.

A online copy of last year's (5782/2021) Yizkor Book is available to review your entry (CLICK HERE)

C.  Borrow Prayer Book Sets
You will be able to follow along in our prayer book (Mishkan HaNefesh) on screen during our online worship.  If you would prefer, hard copies of our High Holy Days prayer books (including a limited number of large print volumes) are available to elevate your worship experience and inspire you throughout the High Holy Days.   A suggested donation of $36 per set is appreciated.  (If the books are not returned, we will assume you have chosen to keep them, and we will bill your account $54 per set.)

Thank you for completing our online High Holy Days Registration form! 
We look forward to celebrating and observing with you soon!
We especially want to know how we may better accommodate you.
Fri, October 7 2022 12 Tishrei 5783